Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bitnami offers a free trial of CrushFTP!

We are happy to announce that CrushFTP is now available on the Bitnami library!

CrushFTP is a powerful file server supporting standard secure file transfer protocols. It's easy to configure and provides powerful monitoring tools that can be customized the way you need it.

The Bitnami CrushFTP Stack includes a free trial for up to 5 users, so you can try any of the features that they have to offer!

CrushFTP is now ready to install in a few clicks with the Bitnami CrushFTP installers (available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X), Virtual Machine images (VMs), and cloud images for Amazon EC2.

CrushFTP login page

CrushFTP main page
If you want to check out CrushFTP simply launch a free cloud demo server. Click the button below to get your own CrushFTP instance running for 1 hour, for free!

Information on how to manage your installation can be found on our wiki. Still have questions? We would be happy to answer them on our community forum.

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