Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Check out the all-new Standalone Backendless in Bitnami!

Once in awhile a Bitnami partner application makes an update so important, with so many new features, it is in effect a new release. We are excited to announce that our partner Backendless has done exactly that with the launch of their all-new Standalone Backendless. In addition to all the awesome new functionality, a single Standalone Backendless instance is now being offered free with zero restrictions!

Standalone Backendless provides an incredibly intuitive, secure, and time saving platform for developing mobile, web-based, or enterprise applications. It simplifies the creation and development of applications by combining the crucial functions of a Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS), static and dynamic content host, and API engine into a single platform. There is also a brand new app store where you can both buy and sell plugins that solve real problems for developers trying new things on Backendless.

Some key features of the new Standalone Backendless:

Backendless mBaaS Services: A mobile backend environment providing out of the box implementation of the most common server-side functionality as native and REST API services.
  • Connectivity with MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases
  • Third-party services to enhance your backend
  • Code-generators
  • User Registration and Authentication APIs
  • Data Management APIs 
  • Publish/Subscribe Messaging API
  • Push Notifications for iOS, Android and FireOS
  • Geolocation API 
  • Geofencing functions
  • Code generators
  • REST Console
Backendless API Engine: Deploy your own Java or PHP code and instantly turn it into a highly-scalable API service.
  • Code-to-Service generator
  • API Inspector
  • Client SDK generator
Backendless Hosting: Host your web applications in a powerful, secure and reliable hosting and file storage solution.
  • Dynamic node.js scripting
  • File management API
  • File Browser
Backendless Marketplace:  Enhance your Backendless backend with a wide variety of offerings from their server-side app store. Get new services, database connectors, code generators and many more. The Marketplace operates from a centralized location and can be used to enhance isolated deployment of Standalone Backendless.

Launch Bitnami Standalone Backendless in just a few clicks with our Local Installers (available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X), Virtual Machine images (VMs), or cloud images! If you are currently logged in to Bitnami, you can launch a free one-hour demo of Standalone Backendless in one click below!

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