Monday, November 28, 2011

BitNami Cloud Tools updated to AWS EC2 API version

BitNami Cloud Tools installer is a collection of the most popular command line tools available for the Amazon API: EC2, Beanstalk, ELB, RDS, SES etc. The installer ships all the required dependencies to have a fully configured environment to start playing with every Amazon API from your development machine, including a JDK, Perl and Ruby runtimes, etc. BitNami Cloud Tools is available for Windows, Linux and OS X.

This new version of BitNami Cloud Tools ships the latest version of the EC2 API among other improvements:

  • Update aws-ec2-api
  • Update aws-elb
  • Update aws-sdk-ruby 1.2.3
  • Update aws-sdk-java

In this guide you can find a quick start guide to launch and use instances using the EC2 API.


  1. Hi Guys,

    can you point me in the direction of some instructions, have installed the bin file with no problem and had previously been using the ec2-api tools, so have all the keys etc setup.

  2. Hi fordy, if you have installed the credentials, you can check your AMIs, launch them, etc. You can find the AWS tool commands in the AWS documentation itself. For instance you can find the ec2-api commands at

    Please post your questions in and we will try to help you there.


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