Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BitNami Customer Spotlight: Promethius Consulting

We are often asked about how people use BitNami Cloud Hosting. As with the cloud in general, there are a huge variety of use cases and our customer base is incredibly diverse - ranging from Fortune 500s to universities to solutions providers who rely on BitNami Cloud Hosting to host applications for their clients. This will be the first in a series of posts that will highlight a few BitNami Cloud Hosting customers and explain how they are using the platform to save time, money and do things that they couldn't do before they had BitNami and cloud computing.

BitNami Customer Spotlight: Promethius Consulting

Promethius Consulting provides network maintenance and support as well as website development and application hosting services to small and medium-sized businesses. Alfresco is one of several applications for which Promethius provides custom development and hosting services. Initially, Promethius was hosting Alfresco on internal servers with a multi-tenant setup, but the company was unhappy with the performance and lack of flexibility that approach provided.
After evaluating several options, Promethius came to the conclusion that running their servers on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform (AWS) would give them the best combination of performance and flexibility. Promethius chose BitNami Cloud Hosting to automate and facilitate the deployment and management of their Alfresco servers on the AWS cloud.
Aaron Toops, Director of Managed Services for Promethius, says they chose BitNami because "We save time and money, so we can focus our development team on making our product better for the customer instead of manually managing and deploying instances. " Promethius takes advantage of BitNami Cloud Hosting's one-click deployment process, automated backups, monitoring and management tools to speed up their development and deployment processes, allowing them to deliver solutions more quickly to customers while reducing costs. One feature that Promethius finds especially useful is the ability to clone servers across different AWS accounts. This allows them to use a "gold image" - a version of BitNami's Alfresco application that includes their own customizations and improvements - to deploy new servers for clients on separate AWS accounts in one click.
Mr. Toops also appreciates the support he gets from the BitNami team, commenting that "BitNami has been a great partner, actively listening and responding to our needs as a customer. Their support is simply outstanding, attentive, timely, and vested in fixing any issues we encounter. "
With BitNami Cloud Hosting and AWS, Promethius has been able to build out a new line of business around the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System without any capital expenditure. BitNami's automated deployment process saves Promethius valuable development time, allowing them to deliver solutions more quickly and efficiently to their growing customer base.
A downloadable PDF of the complete case study is also available. 

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