Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Learn All About the Amazon Cloud with the Pragmatic Programmer

Have you been wanting to learn about the cloud, but not sure where to start? Good news! A six-episode webcast series that gives you an in-depth introduction to the various web services available from Amazon is now available from the Pragmatic Programmer. Authored by Jesse Anderson, the series targets users who are new to the cloud, with content tailored for novice to mid-range expertise levels. Jesse’s material is useful for both developers and managers. It covers the main Amazon Web Services’ technologies like EC2 and S3. It also covers the lesser known, but incredibly useful technologies like Elastic Load Balancer, CloudFront, Elastic MapReduce, and Relational Database Service. Each episode covers several Amazon Web Services technologies, discusses the theories behind them, and presents practical exercises. We were very happy to hear that Jesse chose to use BitNami AMIs to showcase various aspects of AWS.

To purchase individual episodes or the full series, visit The Pragmatic Programmer.