Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome to the Newest BitNami Stack, Chyrp!

Chyrp is an open source blogging engine that was the third winner of the BitNami bi-weekly packaging contestThanks to the community votes, Chyrp was selected to be packaged as part of the BitNami Library. You can now download free, ready to run native installers for Windows, OS X and Linux or one of our virtual machines. Free Azure and AWS cloud images will soon be published as well.

Arian Xhezairi, one of the Chyrp developers, was kind enough to answer some questions about his project. See below.

What is the goal of Chyrp?
Chyrp is a blogging engine designed to be very lightweight while retaining functionality. It is driven by PHP and MySQL (or SQLite), and has a very powerful theme and robust module engine, so you can personalize and modify it any way you want. 
The project was started nearly 10 years ago, and aims to be as lightweight and extendable as possible, takes all the distractions out and delivers a seamless content publishing experience, so the user can get the most out of it.

What are some of the features of Chyrp?
We pride ourselves with Chyrp being extremely lightweight. Given the flexibility it provides, it is possible to basically run it on almost any kind of Web server configuration. Below are just a few (amongst many) key features that make Chyrp appealing:
* Custom post types (Feathers), i.e. Text, Link, Photo, Audio, etc.
* Inline post editing with AJAX
* Post drafts and scheduled publishing
* Easily add and edit pages
* Custom URL Permalinks
* Numerous modules to extend blog's functionality
* Clean and user-friendly interface
* Super-awesome community members
* Completely free and open-source, MIT licensed.
* Easy HTML blog posting w/ RedactorJS WYSIWYG editor
What do you expect will be the main benefits of having BitNami packages available for Chyrp?
Besides the benefit of getting exposure to a wider audience, BitNami's cross-platform Chyrp stack will be a great way to allow users create their own blogging environment in seconds, regardless of the operating system they run.

We are glad Chyrp is now part of BitNami. Would you like your favorite app to be part of BitNami? Be sure to suggest and vote for it in our contest