Monday, February 4, 2013

BitNami Tomcat Stack now with phpMyAdmin

Tomcat stack icon

We have recently released an update for the BitNami Tomcat stack which includes the latest version of Tomcat, 7.0.35. Per popular demand, we now include phpMyAdmin, the popular MySQL admin tool.

For those of you not familiar with it, BitNami Tomcat Stack simplifies the development and deployment of Java web applications. It includes ready-to-run versions of Tomcat, Apache, MySQL and all of its required dependencies. Our users have repeatedly asked us to bundle a good database management tool because it would make easier the development of Java web applications with MySQL as the database engine. We researched existing Java-based tools, but we did not find any that were comparable in quality and functionality to phpMyAdmin.

phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of MySQL using a web browser. phpMyAdmin supports a wide range of operations with MySQL. The most frequently used operations are supported by the user interface (managing databases, tables, fields, relations, indexes, users, permissions, etc), while you still have the ability to directly execute any SQL statement.

Table structure

SQL query

Including phpMyAdmin in our Tomcat stack means that we also needed to bundle a PHP runtime, but we believe the tradeoff was worth it. Enjoy!