Thursday, March 14, 2013

Discourse: Meet the last BitNami contest winner

We recently released OpenERP on BitNami and are working on GitLab and XOOPS. Now our users have selected to add Discourse to the BitNami Library as a part of our bi-weekly contest.

Discourse is a recently released open source project that aims to reinvent internet forums and it is "an attempt to reimagine what a modern, sustainable, fully open-source Internet discussion platform should be today".

Discourse logo

The project has created some buzz since it was released, in part because Jeff Atwood, co-founder of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange is one of the main developers behind Discourse. While Stack Exchange focused on providing users with a quick answer to their questions, avoiding discussions, Discourse tries to solve the opposite problem. For that, hey have added social and real-time twists to forums:
  • Conversations, not pages
  • Get notifications when you are mentioned
  • Simple, but with context
  • Remembers your place
  • Reply while you read
  • Reply as a linked topic
  • Real time updates
  • And more...
While using Discourse is simple, installing it is not straight forward. We want to change this by simplifying Discourse deployment for everyone, providing free, ready to run, native installers, virtual machines and cloud images. Also as soon as we release Discourse, we will at it to our BitNami Launchpad platform so you can quickly try it out in the cloud with one click.

Discourse, welcome to BitNami!