Friday, June 21, 2013

PHP 5.5 stacks now available in BitNami

Yesterday the latest major version of PHP was released. We are happy to announce we now include support in our stacks for PHP 5.5.0: WAMP for Windows, MAMP for OS X and LAMP for Linux. There are also virtual machines available for download and cloud images to deploy them on Azure and Amazon EC2 directly.

The stacks allow you to setup instant PHP development and testing environments locally in your desktop/laptop or in the Cloud. They include everything you need to start working on web applications and development frameworks.

These new development stacks ship the following main components:

- PHP 5.5.0
- Apache 2.4.4
- MySQL 5.5.30
- phpMyAdmin 4.0.3

BitNami WAMP stack

This version of PHP ships the new Zend Optimizer+ extension, an opcache cachemodule designed to increase the performance. This previous post covered how to enable and configure this module.

In addition to that, we have also upgraded our PostgreSQL-based development environments: LAPP for Linux, MAPP for OS X and WAPP for Windows are available as native installers, virtual machine images and Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure cloud images.

Try now if your application is ready for PHP 5.5!

PHP 5.5.0 info