Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Test-drive Rails 4 with BitNami

A new major version of Rails was released yesterday. We are happy to announce we now include Rails 4.0 and Ruby 2.0 in the latest Ruby Stack. It is the perfect way to test-drive Rails 4 without affecting your current development environment. All of our development environments are self-contained and won't interfere with your existing setup.

This new Rails 4 version focuses on three aspects:

- Key-based expiration
- Speed-up the client-side with Turbolinks
- Declarative etags

BitNami Ruby Stack is a self-contained environment that include everything you need to develop Ruby-based applications on your desktop, using your favorite operating system: Windows, OS X or Linux. There are also virtual machines available for download and cloud images to deploy them on Azure and Amazon EC2 directly.

The new Ruby Stack 2.0 stack ships the following main components:

- Ruby 2.0.0p195
- Rails 4.0.0
- Apache 2.4.4
- MySQL 5.5.32
- Passenger 4.0.2

It also ships optional components that you can select during the installation: PHP, phpMyAdmin, Nginx, Redis, Sphinx, Memcached and RVM.

Rails 4 sample application

Test drive Rails 4.0 & Ruby 2.0 today with the BitNami Ruby Stack!