Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Develop Mobile Apps with DreamFactory, the Newest Member of the BitNami Family

We are thrilled to welcome the DreamFactory Services Platform to the BitNami App Library. DreamFactory is the first app we have added to BitNami that enables mobile application development. More than that, DreamFactory actually provides a complete mobile application development platform. With the DreamFactory BitNami Stack, you can be up, running and ready to build your own mobile app in minutes on a local machine or in the cloud. You can even get a near-instant free one hour demo server to check out DreamFactory by clicking on the following:

Here's a little more on DreamFactory from co-founder and CEO Bill Appleton:

"DreamFactory simplifies mobile application development by making it easier for developers to add backend services to mobile applications without writing server code and APIs. An exceptional user experience has been center to our strategy and we couldn’t be more pleased to partner with the world’s leading cloud-based app store for developers to simplify and accelerate the DreamFactory install and launch process."

As with all BitNami apps, you can get free installers and virtual appliances for local deployments or cloud templates for Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure for cloud deployments. To run DreamFactory in the cloud and get automatic backups, monitoring and more, sign up for a free BitNami Cloud Hosting account.

To learn more about the DreamFactory Services Platform, visit the DreamFactory site.