Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Ghost version 0.4.0 now available on Bitnami


We are happy to announce a new version of the Ghost blogging platform! The latest 0.4.0 version was released in Bitnami.

Ghost is a blogging platform with a simple, clean and focused user interface. Whereas other blogging platforms can also be extended as content management systems, Ghost stays true to its blogging roots and provides a great user experience for publishing. Bitnami Ghost provides a one-click install solution for Ghost. You can download installers for Windows, OS X or Linux, virtual machines or run your own server in the Amazon EC2 or Azure clouds

 Some of the most important features of Ghost 0.4.0 include:

Static pages: You can now toggle any post to be a "page.

Featured posts: You can now mark posts as featured and style them accordingly from your within your theme.

Sexy new loading bar:

Quick edit posts urls:

And many other changes.

Give it a try! You can launch a free cloud demo server in minutes and have a fully configured Ghost 0.4.0 instance to try.