Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Website design and launch in 6 weeks

We're recovering from the whiplash of re-launching our website in 6 weeks from start to finish, but we hope the results will speak for themselves. In addition to redesigning the most trafficked pages, we have upgraded to the latest version of Bootstrap, and rewritten our CSS/HTML from the bottom up. We are also working to improve support for mobile devices, as well as full retina support for all images.

The most asked question we get as a company is "what is Bitnami?" We've attempted to answer that on our new and eponymously named What is Bitnami page. As with any site design, we didn't get everything done that we had hoped to do. There is a good sized backlog of features, graphics, and pages to be added. Nonetheless, we're stoked and hope users will enjoy the new design and UX.

HUGE thanks to our designer, Paul Barrett, for his stellar work and to everyone at Bitnami who gave up sleep to make it happen. Check it out!

Updated Bitnami Website