Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Launch Cloud Applications on Windows Azure with Bitnami

Bitnami users have been able to install one-click application packages into the Windows Azure cloud for a while now. But today we're excited to announce expanded support for Azure. Starting today, you can deploy Bitnami apps in just a few clicks with the new Bitnami Launchpad for Windows Azure. From the new console, you can...
  • Choose from any of the 90 open source applications and dev stacks in the Bitnami library,
  • Select your server size and preferred geographic region from any of those supported in Windows Azure,
  • And click the launch button and you will have your server up and running in minutes!
We have also launched an online Azure resource center that includes a step by step guide for using Bitnami in Azure. Of course, all of the Bitnami apps are also available through the VM Depot, so you can still launch them from there as well.

With 80+ apps, Bitnami cloud images and installers have become incredibly popular with millions of users around the world. Bitnami makes it possible for anyone, regardless of their background, to install applications such as WordPress, Redmine, CraftBukkit Minecraft, DreamFactory, Alfresco, SugarCRM, WAMP stack, Drupal and more with the click of a button. Our pre-configured application packages make it a snap to install applications either locally or in the cloud, and save users hours of time trying to get software to work.

We created a video to show just how easy it is:

Ready? Try the Launchpad for Azure yourself and install applications in the cloud with just one click.