Thursday, March 20, 2014

PrestaShop 1.6 available in Bitnami

Prestashop 1.6, with its new powerful design, is now available in the Bitnami Library. PrestaShop is a free and open source ecommerce solution, which has revolutionized the industry by providing 100% free software with innovative features that engage shoppers such as multi-store, customizable URL’s and full Ajax compatibility.

Not familiar with Bitnami Prestashop? In short, the easiest way to test and install your own PrestaShop instance. We've packaged PrestaShop up as a self-contained, incredibly fast distribution that makes it simple to deploy. To get started, you can download ready-to-run installers for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X or our virtual machine images (VMs) for free. You can also have a hosted PrestaShop, which can be deployed into the cloud via the Amazon and Azure cloud.

Sounds good right? You can try it easily, just launch a free cloud demo server and in minutes you will have a fully configured PrestaShop instance up and running using Bitnami Cloud Hosting.

Some of the most important features in the new PrestaShop 1.6 are:

Redesigned and Fully Responsive Front Office Default Template
- The front office template is now mobile responsive, allowing your online shop to display perfectly when accessed from a mobile and tablet device.
- New Quick View feature has been added to let customers add a product to their shopping cart without ever leaving the page
- Attractive promotional banners to help you highlight sales, marketing campaigns and other promotions

PrestaShop Front Office

Redesigned and Fully Responsive Back Office
- The back office is now mobile responsive, letting you manage your shop from a mobile or tablet device, wherever you are!
- Completely new dashboard look that displays information that is important to you, in real time!
- Real-time net profit margin, a unique ecommerce feature that you will only find in PrestaShop 1.6
- Intelligent Merchant KPI (key performance indicators) are located throughout select pages in the back office, giving you in depth insight on your shop
- Smart Forecast Statistics Panel allows you to see how your sales are trending and what the outlook is for the future

PrestaShop Back Office

In addition to PrestaShop, the Bitnami PrestaShop stack includes Beetailer, a plugin that provides automatic integration of your PrestaShop store with Facebook. You can visit the Beetailer website to learn about how Beetailer works with PrestaShop to bring your online store to Facebook.

What are you waiting for? Get started with new PrestaShop easily with the Bitnami PrestaShop stacks!