Tuesday, May 20, 2014

DreamFactory 1.5: connect your mobile apps to enterprise databases

This month, DreamFactory, a REST API platform for developing mobile apps, released a major update. DreamFactory 1.5 provides an open source REST API that intelligently connects mobile applications to enterprise databases and storage systems. New features include the ability to securely tap into legacy enterprise information and leverage server-side processing.

DreamFactory 1.5 focuses on two key areas. First, it lets developers securely connect mobile users with existing enterprise databases and control record-level data visibility. Second, it offers powerful new scripting functionality to customize the REST API requests and responses on the server.

When you use DreamFactory, they take care of all the back-end services so that you can focus on the front-end of your app. Whether you're building a web-based app or native application for iOS, Android or Windows Mobile, DreamFactory handles user management, roles, and schema, and with this release allows you to dig deeper into your legacy architecture to use the data across all your systems.

Learn more about all that's new in DreamFactory 1.5. If you are developing mobile apps for the enterprise, you'll want to check out our Bitnami DreamFactory 1.5 stack that can be deployed in just a few minutes with just a few mouse clicks. It's 100% free to try on any platform – native installer, VM, or in the cloud.