Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Discourse 1.0 now available in Bitnami!

As Discourse users ourselves, we're happy to announce that Discourse 1.0 is now available from Bitnami! With this release, Discourse has smoothed out all of the rough edges, and is now ready and safe for production use. We have been using itto run the Bitnami Community discussion site for close to a year now and have been incredibly happy with it, even pre-1.0 release, so we highly recommend that you check out v1.0.

If you are not familiar with Discourse, it is a next-generation community forum platform created by Jeff Atwood, of Stack Overflow and Coding Horror fame, and his team. You can learn more about the Discourse project by listening to (or reading the transcript of) our interview with Jeff Atwood.

Bitnami Discourse is the easiest way to run own Discourse instance. We've packaged up Discourse as a self-contained, pre-configured distribution that includes everything you need to run Discourse and makes it simple to deploy. To get started with Bitnami Discourse, download free, ready-to-run installers for Linux or Mac OS X or our virtual machine images (VMs). Or, if you want to have a hosted Discourse, you can deploy Bitnami Discourse into the cloud via the Amazon and Azure clouds.

Get started with new Discourse easily with Bitnami Discourse Stacks.

Have questions? Take a look at our quick start guide or use our community forum and our team and community will be there to help!