Thursday, August 28, 2014

Upgraded Ruby 2.0 in the Ubuntu Bitnami Cloud Hosting base images

We recently released a new version of the our Ubuntu base image, rev 31. This version includes Ruby 2.0.0-p481, which will allow you to deploy the most recent version of Ruby applications like Redmine, Discourse and others.

The Ubuntu Bitnami Cloud Hosting servers are not only great for deploying Bitnami applications, but are also ideal for deploying your own applications. The fact that you can find recent versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, and many more, plus include tools like subversion or Git, makes it that much easier. Together with Ruby we have upgraded other major components like Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP and Redis. You can find the full list of components included in this version, here.

Apart from one click deployment, Bitnami Cloud Hosting makes easier to manage your servers providing automated backups and one click restoring, scheduled tasks, cloning of servers and monitoring. You can learn more about all these great features on our website, and don't hesitate to contact us at sales [at] bitnami [dot] com with any question you may have!