Friday, January 23, 2015

2nd Bitnami Cloud Bootcamp - February 2015

We held our first Bitnami Cloud Bootcamp in September 2014. The interest surpassed all of our expectations and the bootcamp itself was a success, covering a wide variety of technologies and attracting a diverse group of talented individuals. After the training, we invited six of them join the Bitnami team and they are responsible for many of the recent application releases in Bitnami.

As promised, we are excited to announce the 2nd Bitnami Cloud Bootcamp! Bitnami bootcamps are fast-paced, in-person training courses that provide you with the knowledge and practical skills you need to automate the installation and management of server software in the cloud. You will learn directly from developers and system administrators responsible for systems that manage tens of thousands of servers. At the end of the course, if you have performed well, we will make you a job offer to join Bitnami. In other words, if you are located in Spain and passionate about Linux, Open Source and Cloud you should seriously consider applying.

The original bootcamp was 4 weeks long and that limited the amount of candidates that could attend, so we have decided to change the format this time around and run a 2 weeks Bootcamp. This way, currently employed attendees may be able to take vacation time in order to attend the training. Depending on how this experiment turns out we may be go back to the original format or run smaller, more frequent bootcamps.

This Bootcamp will run from February 16th to the 27th, this time at our office in Seville, rather than a third-party training facility. In the last few months, we have tripled the size of our office and have everything in place to conduct the bootcamp, including space, connectivity and snacks :)

Of course, since we are running the Bootcamp for a shorter period of time, we have also limited the scope of what we will teach in the course while still covering all the important areas. For example, while the original bootcamp covered Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Azure, in this edition we will only cover Amazon Web Services because the concepts are similar across all major cloud platforms.

For this edition we will require applicants to have a working knowledge of Linux. Though we covered the basics in our previous one, the candidates that were not already familiar with Linux had a harder time following along and the more experienced participants did not get as much out of it. A good, free, online introduction to Linux is offered by the Linux Foundation in partnership with edX. Please make sure you attend the course (or already have the knowledge described in it) before applying.

For more information and to apply for this edition, please visit our bootcamp page.