Friday, January 16, 2015

The simplest way to use Amazon's new instance type!

This week AWS announced new compute-optimized C4 instance types. Since then, we've been busy migrating some of our internal infrastructure to take advantage of the increased power available in the C4 instances, specifically the c4.2xlarge instance type.

You can read their full post here:

"The new C4 instances are based on the Intel Xeon E5-2666 v3 (code name Haswell) processor. This custom processor, optimized for EC2, runs at a base speed of 2.9 GHz, and can achieve clock speeds as high as 3.5 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost" 

We were excited about the new instances and knew you would be too, which is why we added support for C4 to Bitnami Cloud Hosting as well. Continuous integration servers such as Jenkins or GitLab CI are a good match for these new instance types. Want to get started in just a few clicks? Learn how with our step-by-step guide below.

If you don’t already have a Bitnami Cloud Hosting account be sure to sign up before getting started, and add your AWS credentials here:

The Simplest Way to Use C4 Instances on Bitnami Cloud Hosting:

First, create a new server on your Bitnami Cloud Hosting Console

Then, choose your application. In this case, we chose Jenkins. 

Next, you'll want to change your operating system to "Amazon Linux 2014.09.1 (rev. 36, hvm)"

Finally, choose your server type as "C4 Extra Large"

And there you have it - your very own Jenkins server running on a C4 instance. Try it today! 

If you have any questions, head to Bitnami's community page to start a discussion or engage with peers. Or read the full post from AWS here: