Monday, March 2, 2015

Squash added to the Bitnami Library!

We're happy to introduce Squash as a part of the Bitnami Library!

Squash is a collection of tools that helps engineers find and resolve bugs in their code by automatically collecting, collating and analyzing run time exceptions.

It consists of the following components:
  • Client libraries for different systems (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Cocoa with Objective-C, etc.) that catch errors when they occur and send them to the API endpoint. 
  • The website, which displays information about caught bugs and help engineers find the root cause of it, so it can be fixed. It also lets engineers manage, assign and comment on bugs, as well as view statistics for each one of them. 
  • API endpoints, which routes (part of the website) receive exception notifications from the client libraries and processes them. 
Squash has great features and benefits, which include:
  • Smart code analysis: Squash analyses stack traces of every exception to find the line in which it is happening and then figures out who might have caused that bug. 
  • Fewer emails: Squash only send emails to the engineers responsible for an exception. 
  • Better data: Squash points out the values of environment variables, instance variables, etc., when a bug occurs in the Value Inspector. 
  • Collaboration: Squash includes a full-featured commenting system, ticket-management system and a news feed, letting you collaborate on, and track the progress at fixing a bug
If you want to take a look at Squash, you can launch a free cloud demo server. By clicking the button below, you will have your own Squash instance running for 1 hour, for free!

Don't forget to visit our wiki to learn how to manage your installation. Still have questions? We would be happy to answer them on our community forum.

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