Thursday, May 21, 2015

Try YouTrack by JetBrains - for free

YouTrack by JetBrains gives you the ability to manage everything related to your team’s projects, and it is now easily accessible from the Bitnami Library! From project releases to bug tracking, YouTrack can do it all. Each of YouTrack’s features will allow your team to be as productive as possible while having as much fun as possible. And we can’t forget to mention that it comes with Scrum and Kanban, right out of the box. Some other features include:
  • Powerful query language with completion and highlighting for smarter issue search
  • Agile board with Scrum and Kanban support
  • A live Dashboard with widgets for reports, issues, and notes
  • Multiple report types for more effective project management and analysis 
  • Built-in image editor to quickly crop, highlight, and annotate screenshots 
  • Flexible customization with powerful workflows and custom fields
  • REST API for automated operations and integration with third-party applications
With Bitnami YouTrack, your team can use all the features that YouTrack has to offer for free! The free version provides a full set of features for up to 10 users, including custom logos, and can be used for business purposes as well.

Get YouTrack now in just a few clicks with the Bitnami YouTrack installersVirtual Machine images, and cloud images for Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud Platform.

If you want to check out YouTrack, you can launch a free cloud demo server. By clicking the button below, you will have your own YouTrack instance running for 1 hour, for free!

Don't forget to visit our wiki to learn how to manage your installation. Still have questions? Head over to our community forum for answers.