Monday, July 27, 2015

Dive into PHP 7 on Bitnami today

PHP 7 is here! There's been lots of buzz around it over the past few weeks, with the latest beta being released just days ago. We've been tracking PHP 7 development with excitement as well, with the huge speed improvements and language features that will make building and scaling PHP apps much better than before.

To help the PHP Group and development team get more people trying out this new version, we're adding PHP 7 versions of our popular LAMP and MAMP stacks. You can download them below:

For those of you haven't tried our developer stacks for PHP before, they are ready to go, full featured stacks, with everything you'd need to get going to start with PHP development. This is a great way to try your PHP app on PHP 7 without having to spin up a new machine or environment; just cloud launch the Bitnami stack and pull in your code over Git and you can be up and going in minutes with seeing how your app runs on this upcoming major version of PHP.

We'd love to hear how you like PHP 7 and what improvements or problems you've seen so far. Sound off in the comments below or connect to us on Twitter with your feedback.