Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Evaluate your business with ReportServer - now available on Bitnami

We are excited to welcome ReportServer, an open source business intelligence (OSBI) platform and the newest addition to the Bitnami Library! This versatile business intelligence suite provides a unified interface to reporting agents from different providers, making it easy for managers to collate, analyze, and take action from multiple touchpoints.

ReportServer is an ideal tool for business decision makers, analysts and consultants with it’s comprehensive administrative features and full scripting capabilities. Integration and support for Jasper, Birt, Crystal Reports, Mondrian and Excel also make using ReportServer a versatile option for existing infrastructures.

ReportServer is also highly flexible and customizable to suit your needs. Customize reports by selecting from a variety of parameters such as text-boxes, radio buttons, popups, and more.

More key features of ReportServer include:
  • Support for interactive, multi-dimensional analytics with OLAP and Mondrian.
  • Support for multiple output formats, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF and XML.
  • Unlimited, freely-configurable dashboards per user.
  • Fine-grained access control with groups, ACLs, user variables and SSO.
  • Extensible via Groovy scripting.
  • Enterprise-ready and 100% open source.
Launch a demo of ReportServer with just one click!

Or you can start using ReportServer right away with our Bitnami ReportServer installers,Virtual Machine images (VMs), and cloud images.