Monday, August 31, 2015

More applications now available in the Bitnami library

As we continue to improve Bitnami, our users have told us that they would like to see the same ease of installation for all server applications, regardless of the licensing model used. Given this feedback, we have decided to no longer limit our library to just open source applications. Today we announced a Software Partner Program that allows us to bring you great applications from commercial software vendors.

During the past few months, you may have noticed an additional category called, “Free Trials”. Each application in this category has been selected by us, with the same high quality you’d expect from Bitnami. You’ll be able to deploy these applications with the same one-click awesomeness as any of our other apps.

This addition is one we think will be a positive one for every Bitnami user, and we can’t wait for you to try these new apps.

We are so excited about this announcement that we have arranged a prize draw for an Apple Watch! When installing or launching any of the applications below during the month of September, you will automatically be entered in the prize draw. The winner of the Apple Watch will be notified after October 1st. Full terms and conditions of this prize draw are here.

This new extension to the Bitnami marketplace is more than just a partnership between Bitnami and commercial software vendors, but it is also a promise to you that we will continue to provide all types of awesome applications to try and use with the same high quality experience that you expect from us. And if you are a software vendor wanting Bitnami to help ensure your users can have an extraordinary experience getting started with the app, learn more about how your app can be a part of the Bitnami library