Friday, August 21, 2015

Try out the first RC of PHP 7 right now on Bitnami!

The first release candidate of PHP has been released and we just included it in our library. You can now download the new installers for Unix and Windows systems.

This version includes a lot of bug fixeschangesvarious stability improvements for database, array, assert, streams and other functionality. that you can try right now with our installers in a few clicks.

PHP 7.0.0 comes with new version of the Zend Engine with features such as:
  • Improved performance: PHP 7 is up to twice as fast as PHP 5.6
  • Consistent 64-bit support
  • Many fatal errors are now Exceptions
  • Removal of old and unsupported SAPIs and extensions
  • The null coalescing operator (??)
  • Combined comparison Operator (<=>)
  • Return Type Declarations
  • Scalar Type Declarations
  • Anonymous Classes
We'd love to hear how you like PHP 7 and what improvements or problems you've seen so far. Sound off in the comments below or connect to us on Twitter with your feedback.