Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bitnami Provides eXo Platform Enterprise with a 30% Increase in Conversion Rates

As many of you know, we recently announced our software partners program earlier this month. We have been working with commercial software partners to bring ease of deployment to their current and potential customers, and bring our users more amazing software to try!

With 14 partners in the program so far, we have seen a range of different success stories across a variety of unique applications. One of our partners, eXo Platform Enterprise, had a particularly interesting challenge that they realized could be overcome by partnering with Bitnami. So far, eXo has had great success with the partnership.

eXo Platform Enterprise combines collaboration, calendaring, content and document management, and other productivity tools with social features to provide a complete enterprise intranet. By providing all the tools that business users expect in a traditional intranet and then enhancing them with social graphs and activity streams, eXo Platform dramatically streamlines communication workflows and raises employee engagement.

But in 2014, the company realized that the heterogeneity of enterprise IT environments was making it hard for non-technical business users to install and try its application. Patrice Lamarque, Chief Product Officer, eXo Platform explains that “Bitnami offered people an easy way to allow people to install eXo in the cloud. We understood very quickly that using Bitnami would help us with our key problem of lowering the entry barrier for new users."

Since partnering with Bitnami, eXo Platform Enterprise has recorded a 30% increase in conversion from download to installation. They attribute the increase to the seamless installation experience their users now have with Bitnami’s local installers, VMs, and cloud images.

To read more about eXo’s success as a Bitnami Partner, see our case study.

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