Monday, January 25, 2016

Check Out the New Productivity Features in eXo Platform Enterprise Version 4.3!

We are excited to announce that eXo Platform released a new version 4.3 in Bitnami! Now you can check out a host of exciting new features in the Bitnami eXo Platform Enterprise stack, available immediately to deploy in the cloud, as a VM, or locally.

eXo has always provided an awesome platform for collaborating with colleagues at work. While their last major updates focused on features to boost real-time collaboration and user engagement, this new release is all about something every business needs more of: productivity. Version 4.3's productivity enhancements will have your teams quickly realizing gains in sweet, sweet efficiency, leaving more time for them to come up with awesome new features for your product!

Here are some highlights of the new release:
  • Task Management: Easily keep track of and triage tasks with the new task management tool. 
  • Video calls have been improved, with better audio/video quality and more stability. New plugins enable easy video calls for Firefox and Internet Explorer, and native support on Chrome with no plugin!
  • You can now work more easily from different platforms, with the new responsive layout.
  • Easily share documents with the new sharing feature, with built in versioning to keep track of updates and not get them mixed up.
  • Connect with social networks: users can now easily login with any OAuth-compliant social network like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Github, etc.
  • New administrative features like password reset and account deactivation.
  • eXo Platform now includes greater scalability with the inclusion of Tomcat in the package.
  • Support for Java 8 added.
  • Developers will be excited about a new RESTful API for the social layer in eXo Platform and standard Java EE component injection for portlets.
The new eXo Platform Enterprise is available now in Bitnami! Or check out an absolutely free one-hour demo by clicking below!