Monday, March 21, 2016

Bitnami-powered Applications are now available through GoDaddy Cloud Servers

GoDaddy, the largest technology provider for small businesses, has announced that they will be expanding their hosting offerings to provide Cloud Servers and Bitnami-powered applications.  GoDaddy Cloud Servers are intended for customers who want to quickly build, test, and scale their cloud solutions. Bitnami’s mission has always been to do the same.  So, we are proud to partner with GoDaddy in order to help execute both our missions and help more customers.

Today, GoDaddy Cloud Servers’ customers will find more than 130 Bitnami-powered applications that are easy to download, configure, and install in just one click.  According to GoDaddy, “Bitnami-powered applications bring one-click optimized installation for application solutions like CMS (eg: Wordpress and Drupal), CRM (Odoo and Open ERP), and eCommerce (eg: OpenCart and Magento).” These customers will now be able to experience Bitnami’s consistent, secure, up-to-date, and optimized end-user experience on any platform.

Want to launch a Bitnami-powered application in GoDaddy’s Cloud Servers? Here’s how:
  1. Login or sign up for a GoDaddy Cloud Servers account
  2. Choose your Bitnami-powered application and configure your server
  3. Click ‘Finish’ and your application will start to build!

Still curious? Click here for more information or watch our quick video to see how to get running on GoDaddy Cloud Servers: