Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Now on Bitnami: ReportServer Enterprise with Scripting, Crystal Reports Support

Are you looking for an enterprise-grade BI suite for analytics and reporting? Look no further than ReportServer Enterprise Edition, now available on Bitnami for immediate deployment. ReportServer Enterprise Edition expands on all the features of ReportServer Community Edition (also available on Bitnami) and adds a wide range of enterprise functionality that allows for easier integration into almost any environment.

ReportServer takes all the pain out of report generation and analysis by offering a centralized interface to multiple reporting engines, including Jasper, Eclipse BIRT and Mondrian OLAP, and a versatile Dynamic List reporting component. ReportServer Enterprise Edition extends this support to SAP Crystal Reports and also adds pivot and templating capabilities to Dynamic List reports.

Extensive scripting capabilities in ReportServer Enterprise Edition allow you to build powerful, interactive reports customized to your requirements. For example, you can integrate enterprise authentication mechanisms such as LDAP and SSO or use script datasources to integrate data from external web services.

ReportServer Enterprise Edition is also fully themeable, so it can be easily adapted to match your corporate identity and branding. For a complete list of differences between the Community and Enterprise Edition, visit this comparison page on the ReportServer website.

Bitnami ReportServer users get a free 45-day free trial of ReportServer Enterprise Edition, so there's nothing holding you back from trying out all that data-rich, pivot-table goodness. Use our local installers, virtual machines, and cloud images to try ReportServer Enterprise Edition now.

You can also launch an absolutely free one-hour demo server by clicking the button below!