Friday, April 29, 2016

Open edX "Dogwood" Is Now Available from Bitnami!

We're happy to announce a new version of the Bitnami Open edX stack!

Open edX is the open-source online learning platform originally conceived by edX, a nonprofit online learning destination founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University that offers courses from the world’s best universities and institutions. The Open edX platform provides development tools to create, teach, and manage courses, student experiences, and learning outcomes at Internet scale.

Some of the new features in this new version are:
  • Partial credit
  • Open edX Analytics Developer Stack
  • Initial Version of Comprehensive Theming
  • Additional File Types for Open Response Assessments
  • Timed Exams
  • LTI XBlock
  • Otto Ecommerce Service
Several features are deprecated as of the Open edX Dogwood release:
  • Original ORA ("ORA1") Problems
  • Legacy Instructor Dashboard
  • Studio Checklist page
  • Certain XModules and Tools, including the graphical_slider_tool and the FoldIt protein simulator
  • The psychometrics and licenses Django apps
With Bitnami, developers can deploy a ready-to-run Open edX Stack with just one click. To get started, choose from our all-in-one free native installers, virtual machines or cloud images.

If you have questions about Bitnami Open edX Stack, please post to our community forum and we will be happy to help.