Monday, June 27, 2016

Develop Collaboratively with Eclipse Che, Now on Bitnami!

Eclipse Che is an open source cloud IDE and developer workspace server featuring containerized workspaces that accelerate agile software development. Containerized workspaces let developers bootstrap projects without having to install software, and collaborate on projects from anywhere. With Eclipse Che in Bitnami, you can now launch the application in your own cloud account on the most popular platforms like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle, in just a few clicks.

Shareable workspace server

Each Eclipse Che instance is given its own hostname, and is designed to be accessed by multiple clients at the same time- the only limit is the system’s disk and memory.

Each developer workspace in Eclipse Che consists of a project (your code) and the runtime for the language the project is written in. You can use the included runtimes or create your own by referencing Docker images or Dockerfiles. The Eclipse Che configuration file encompasses project sources, build/debug runtime, and execution commands in a single JSON object. The config file is used to launch the workspace in its own Docker container, thereby eliminating conflicts among dependencies no matter how many runtimes you are using. Developers can use the Eclipse Che workspace from its lightweight browser IDE or use their favorite desktop IDE by mounting the workspace over SSH. Workspaces are even reachable via API, enabling them to be created/altered programmatically or run as part of your CI/CD system.

Thin, lightweight, yet powerful IDE

The application’s browser IDE enables developers to access the workspace from any device and from anywhere in the world without needing to download any software. Hosting the IDE in the cloud and running it in the browser eliminates time wasted configuring and maintaining the environment for each individual contributor. The browser IDE allows you to work in multiple workspaces in different browser tabs so you can switch back and forth between projects with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Extensibility and open source community

Eclipse Che has a vibrant community, with contributions from large corporations like Microsoft and Red Hat alongside individual open source contributors from across the globe. There is a large and growing number of extensions for the IDE, the workspace agent, or core server, and you can also develop your own custom extensions using the SDK.

This introduction only scratches the surface of what Eclipse Che is capable of -- for more information on the application’s features, please visit their features page. Or you can launch Eclipse Che in your own cloud account and get up and running in just a few minutes!