Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Security Release: Parse Server 2.3.1-1

Bitnami has released Parse Server version 2.3.1-1 for containers, installers and virtual machines to implement authentication when connecting to the Parse dashboard. If you deploy a new Bitnami Parse Server via a Bitnami Launchpad, your application will be up-to-date and secure. When deploying via a partner cloud marketplace, please ensure version 2.3.1-1 is selected.

If you are still using a Bitnami Parse Server version 2.3.1-0 or earlier you must take steps to secure your installation. This is important because unauthenticated users could connect to and and extract data from your server. Possible ways to secure your installation include:

    1. Preventing connections from the public Internet to port 80 on the Parse Server.
    2. Configuring authentication as described in our documentation.

Do you have questions about Bitnami or this security release? Please post to our community forum and we will be happy to help you.