Friday, May 26, 2017

Bitnami Announces Kubernetes Training Offerings

Bitnami now offers Kubernetes training programs.

From publicly available sessions for individuals to customized courses for entire teams, we offer many different training options. These include in-person or virtual classes, and range from introductory to expert level curriculum. If you are interested in custom courses, our team would be happy to create curriculum based on your team’s needs.

Bitnami’s Senior Director of Cloud Technology and lead trainer, Sebastien Goasguen, has several years of experience designing and delivering Kubernetes training, as well as authoring the CNCF Kubernetes certification itself. Sebastien is well recognized for writing books such as:

  • Kubernetes Cookbook, O'Reilly Media 
  • Docker in the Cloud, O’Reilly Media 
  • Docker Cookbook, O’Reilly Media 
  • 60 Recipes for Apache CloudStack, O’Reilly Media 

Bitnami is recognized as one of the primary trainers for Kubernetes globally. This includes providing training at CNCF, KubeCon and Open Source Summit events.

During these training sessions, students will have a hands-on tour of Kubernetes core concepts and gain an understanding of how to use Kubernetes primitives to build a distributed application that can scale.

As the course comes to a close, students will have a clear understanding of how to take container images to production, build a complex distributed application, and manage it in the data center. Along with a general understanding of Kubernetes and containers with hands-on demos, they will also learn about real world deployments that Bitnami and other companies are running in production.

In short, they will be well positioned to embark into the world of Kubernetes.

Contact us for a proposal that will suit your needs, or check out the schedule of publicly available training offerings that we provide around the world.