Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Newly Released Open edX Ficus Now Available in Bitnami

We are happy to announce the release of Ficus, the latest version of the popular Open edX online learning platform. Conceived by edX, a nonprofit online learning destination founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, Open edX is the chosen online learning solution for a wide variety of educational institutions, non-profits, and corporate training departments.
Bitnami’s Open edX package contains everything you need to run online learning courses out of the box. Some of the application’s main features include:
  • Open edX Studio to create the course structure and add content, including problems, videos, and other resources. Studio is also used to manage the course schedule and team, set grading policies, publish each part of a course, and more.
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) that learners use to access course content, including videos, textbooks, and problems, and to check their progress in the course. The LMS includes forum and wiki functionality for both learners and instructors.
  • Full customization, with themes that incorporate an organization’s logos, images, and color schemes. Themes for Open edX Studio and LMS can incorporate custom page templates and CSS for a truly unique look.

What’s New in Ficus

The latest version of Open edX includes many new features centered around the LMS, the studio, and course author tools. The edX team has also added enhanced course data for instructors and students, new third party authentication capability, and accessibility improvements.

For a complete list of new features in Ficus, take a look at the Open edX release blog post.
Interested in trying Open edX? You can launch a one-hour demo in the cloud, absolutely free! See how easy it is to get started with an Open edX cloud image by taking a free test drive.

You can also launch Open edX Ficus in your own cloud account, download a Virtual Machine, or download a native installer for Linux.

Visit our documentation to learn how to manage your installation. Still have questions? Head to our community pages for expert advice from our team.