Monday, July 24, 2017

MariaDB Now Available in Bitnami

We are pleased to announce the release of MariaDB in Bitnami! MariaDB is a fully community-supported, 100% open source fork of MySQL. It is one of the most widely used SQL databases in the world, and Bitnami has been including it in the stack for a number of applications for years.

Responding to popular demand, we have now published a standalone MariaDB server that you can launch in the cloud, in the datacenter, or on your local machine!

Bitnami has put together a detailed set of documents  to help developers get started integrating the Bitnami MariaDB stack into their own applications. (Once you arrive at the docs page, select the platform you're running MariaDB on and then click "Infrastructure Stacks" to find MariaDB.)

In the docs you can learn: how to connect your FTP client to the MariaDB server to upload your data, how to connect to the database via SSH or with another machine, how to secure your server for production usage, how to back up your database, and much more.

The Bitnami MariaDB stack can be run in the cloud, as a Virtual Machine, or with a native installer for Linux. We've also got a popular MariaDB Docker container and a Helm chart for using MariaDB with Kubernetes. Whether you're looking for a database to use with your new application in development or you need a cluster of MariaDB containers running in production on Kubernetes, Bitnami's got you covered!