Thursday, July 26, 2018

Speak with Bitnami Stacksmith experts at Gartner Catalyst 2018

We are excited to be a sponsor for the Gartner Catalyst Conference in San Diego on August 20th-23rd. During the conference, we will show you how your company can optimize your DevOps pipeline by automating your application packaging for today’s cloud and container platforms, and continuously maintain them to ensure they stay up-to-date and secure.

Stop by our booth to discuss how to package and maintain your applications today. Our experts will show you exactly how Stacksmith can improve, automate, and simplify your DevOps process. Not a cloud expert? No problem. Not interested in re-architecting your applications? No problem. Not interested in changing your current CI / CD process? No problem. Come see how Stacksmith meets you where you are!

If you are going to be at Gartner Catalyst, login to your event portal and schedule a meeting with us here.

Here is how Bitnami Stacksmith addresses the current pain points that you might be facing:

Application/Cloud Integration

  • Package your applications for multiple platforms and formats, using one simple tool
  • Simplify cloud migration and access cloud services from your applications - without having to re-write them!

Application Architecture/Development

  • Automate application packaging and deployment template creation
  • Improve your security profile and the interworking between developers, security, and operations
  • Streamline application maintenance

Cloud Computing/Cloud Architecture

  • Package for the cloud and containers with a tool that brings the platform specific knowledge and optimizes your application for your target platform
  • Migrate to the cloud and access powerful cloud services you can’t access today

For $325 off your Gartner ticket, use the coupon code CATSP16 when registering for the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

Would you like to try out Stacksmith now? Sign up for a free trial here.