Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Unveiling of the Stacksmith Product Family

By Simon Bennett, Vice President of Product

This morning we unveiled new tiers for Stacksmith - our packaging and maintenance solution for your applications.

Stacksmith Public targets software creators working in open source. It can package your software for AWS and Azure with just a few clicks. By using the built-in application templates, or building from one of the many example applications we shipped today, going from code to running feature takes only a few minutes. Stacksmith’s full automation and maintenance features are included in the Stacksmith Public tier, which is free-to-use, other than infrastructure charges from your cloud provider.

Alongside the free, public tier, the team is proud to introduce Stacksmith Team and Stacksmith Enterprise. Stacksmith Team adds the ability to collaborate in private projects and includes dedicated support. Stacksmith Enterprise allows companies to deploy a dedicated server on their cloud of choice.

We are incredibly proud of the updates we released today, and we’re looking forward to adding new capabilities based on your input and experiences. Learn more about Stacksmith