Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Simplify Golden Image Management with Bitnami Stacksmith

If you are a cloud architect tasked with maintaining your organization's golden images - the base templates that are used enterprise-wide to create development environments or package applications - then you already know that this isn't an easy ask. Some of the issues you've probably already encountered are:

  • Pushy developers, who always want the shiniest new tech and are constantly asking for updated images with newer component versions; 
  • Platform compatibility issues, which require an image to work the same way across multiple cloud platforms and clusters; 
  • Ongoing security updates and bug fixes, which need to be immediately incorporated into existing images; 
  • Enterprise audit requirements, which require you to have (and maintain) a detailed list of everything that goes into each golden image, including version numbers, license information and other metadata. 

If your enterprise holds a large catalog of golden images, each with hundreds of components, managing the tasks (and the image sprawl) described above can quickly overwhelm you (and your team).

At Bitnami, we have invested time and effort to develop a production-grade tool that addresses all of these common problems. This tool, which we call Stacksmith, makes it easy for enterprise IT teams to create, deploy, and maintain a library of golden images for cloud and container platforms. Stacksmith generates cloud images and deployment templates that can be natively deployed on major cloud vendors and container services, and also provides the tools to monitor, inspect and rebuild those images.

Some of the key benefits of Stacksmith are:

  • Comprehensive, auditable tracking of image components in a versioned manifest 
  • Configuration reuse while simultaneously optimizing for specific cloud/container platforms 
  • Automated and continuous security monitoring 
  • Fully pluggable into existing systems and workflows 
  • Better enforcement of DevSecOps requirements and policies 

Does the list above sound like it would make your day job easier? If so, find out more by downloading our white paper on golden image management with Stacksmith. Or jump right in and give Stacksmith a test drive with a free 30-day trial of Stacksmith Team.