Thursday, October 24, 2019

Learn How to Leverage Bitnami, Kubernetes and the VMware Cloud Marketplace™ Across Your Multi-Cloud Environment at VMworld Europe

Join us at VMworld 2019 Europe, November 4-7, in Barcelona and learn how to take advantage of the Bitnami solutions available in the VMware Cloud Marketplace to take your applications from ideation to production across every platform.

Check out our sessions below, and remember to add them to your VMworld agenda today. You can find them in the VMworld catalog by searching either for the title or the code of each session.

Sessions and Keynotes:

Bitnami and The Multi-cloud Builder's Journey [MCO3529BE]

Modern enterprise software development targets multiple cloud environments and involves heavy use of open source software, whether operated in-house or consumed as a service. This session will walk you through how Bitnami helps IT organizations on their journey from ideation and prototyping to deploying their apps in production. With the Bitnami application catalog developer teams can experiment and iterate quickly and easily, whether locally, on Kubernetes or the cloud. With Bitnami content, ops teams can trust deployed applications are more secure, up-to-date and can set-up the applications to be compliant with corporate policies, regardless of which cloud they are deployed in.

Keeping Developers Happy with Self-Service Kubernetes Apps [KUB4141BE]

Kubernetes has quickly become the platform of choice for modern application deployment. This session will cover how enterprises are using Bitnami, the leader in app deployment, to provide self-service capabilities to their developers: from quickly spinning up test applications to deploying production applications that are fully instrumented, monitored and secured.

VMware Cloud Marketplace: Buy ISV Apps for VMware Platforms [HBI1643BE]

VMware Cloud Marketplace is an exciting step in the expansion of the VMware hybrid cloud ecosystem as we deliver on Vmware’s cloud vision through software-defined data center (SDDC) capabilities and software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings. Come to learn how VMware facilitates customers to discover, acquire, and deploy third-party ISV solutions across multiple platforms. For partners, VMware Cloud Marketplace provides a new way to go to market and engage with customers.

Maximize your VMware Cloud investment – with VMware Cloud Marketplace™! [PAR3434E]

VMware Cloud Marketplace™ is a service that enables customers to discover and deploy validated, third-party solutions on popular VMware platforms across public, private and hybrid clouds. Join this session to explore the advantages that VMware Cloud Marketplace brings to ISV partners and how the integration of Bitnami’s open-source catalog aids developers and enterprise architects in building great software.

Meet and Greet with Experts and Panels:

Meet the Experts: Developer Sandboxes and Application Managed Services on VCPP with Bitnami [HBI4094PE]

VCPP Cloud Providers can now offer the Bitnami Application Catalog to attract developers and their sandboxes onto their clouds. With Telefonica, a premier VCPP Cloud Provider and with Bitnami, VMware is covering how developers are using components such as databases, language runtimes, CI/CD tools from Bitnami’s Application Catalog to create new cloud-native applications. In this session, you will watch a demo of a developer experience using Bitnami. You will also learn how the Bitnami Application Catalog helps Cloud Providers to provide their Enterprise customers with Test/Dev environments both as VMs and as container that their developers can use. This panel discussion also covers a use case: how iland is deploying Bitnami through VCPP and offering application managed services.

Labs and Demos

In this Interactive Simulation, be the first to see how easy it is to deploy validated third-party solutions and services on VMware-based SDDCs, such as VMware Cloud on AWS, vCloud Director and VMware Enterprise PKS. You will be guided through three Interactive Simulations that show how to deploy WordPress on each of the VMware-based SDDCs. 

Accelerate Delivery of Modern Apps for Any Cloud With Bitnami [VBD8140E]

Visit the VMware Stand in the Solutions Exchange for more information about this demo. Join us to learn more about the Bitnami open source content and the new partner's solutions added to the VMware Cloud Marketplace™: GitLab Enterprise, and CloudBees Jenkins Distribution.

We look forward to seeing you at VMworld. Stop by our booth to learn more about how Bitnami can help you!