Tuesday, March 10, 2020

VMware Tanzu™ Application Catalog™ - Bitnami Open Source Containers for Enterprise

Today VMware made some an incredible announcements about its Tanzu portfolio of products for Kubernetes, cloud native architectures, and app transformation in your business. Bitnami’s newest product, Tanzu Application Catalog, is part of that!

Today, it was announced at VMware’s Application Modernization Event that VMware Tanzu Application Catalog is now initially available (IA), and we are excited to share it with the Bitnami community.

Tanzu Application Catalog is a customizable selection of open source software from the Bitnami collection that you know and love. The catalog is continuously maintained and verifiably tested for use in production environments. It gives developers the productivity and agility of pre-packaged apps and components, while enabling operators to meet the stringent security and transparency requirements of enterprise IT.

Give the Power of Open Source to Your Enterprise Team

Tanzu Application Catalog brings the power and agility of Bitnami’s open source software packages into the Enterprise, significantly benefiting IT operators and software developers alike. There are three ways that Tanzu Application Catalog adds enterprise features to Bitnami’s freely available open source library:
  • Golden image support – base your catalog on your IT department’s required base OS image. Don’t have one? You can select from the most popular Linux distributions, maintained with best practices by Bitnami
  • Proof of provenance – get a manifest of everything that’s in the stack for each container. This means that you aren’t guessing which version of what Linux libraries or application binaries are included in your software, and you have proof that everything came from trusted sources.
  • Proof of tests and scans – Bitnami has perfected the automation of tests and scans, and with Tanzu Application Catalog you can see the results for your specific golden image. Not only do you get functional tests, but also the virus scans and CVE scans required by Enterprise IT to run applications and components in production environments.

Tanzu Application Catalog is used by Operators to provide developers with a self-service catalog of open source containers and Helm charts that they can use to innovate. When they’re ready to move to production, there’s no need to rebase their software on approved operating system images, since they were using those to begin with!

For Operators:

Operators use Tanzu Application Catalog to provide pre-packaged, production-ready open source containers and Helm charts for developers to use in their custom applications. This can increase overall productivity by giving developers on-demand, self-service application components, while retaining the same level of compliance with IT security and auditability governance that came with maintaining them in-house.

Security operators love Tanzu Application Catalog as well, because it gives entire organizations a central repository of trusted images to standardize on. No more hunting through spreadsheets and calling people at three AM to figure out which images are affected by a vulnerability... with Tanzu Application Catalog, that information is easy to locate.

For Developers:

Bitnami applications and components are already trusted by millions of developers, but they are still faced with having to build their own containers when running in production because they must conform to IT security and auditability standards that Bitnami’s Community Catalog does not include. Once the application is built from scratch, the images are then stored in private repositories and fed into existing DevOps workflows.

Developers who use Tanzu Application Catalog simply replace the containers and Helm charts they were maintaining in-house with IT-approved containers and charts built and maintained by Bitnami. These can be downloaded for local development, or they can be used in production just like the experience that you have when using an application from the Bitnami Community Catalog. For development teams that rely on hand-built containers, Tanzu App Catalog is a huge leap forward in efficiency, compliance, and better security.

How It Works

Streamline development with a continuously maintained catalog of open source components and applications.

Choose Your Software

Choose open source software from the Bitnami library that you want to use in production: from components like runtimes and databases to turnkey apps like content management and developer productivity tools.

Specify Your Operating System 

Tanzu Application Catalog supports golden images with your preferred specifications, agents, and settings. Upload your standard OS image, and Tanzu Application Catalog will build and test your containers on top of it. Don’t have a golden image? No problem—use our secure base OS.

Deploy With Confidence

Let Bitnami automation continuously update your app catalog. This way, you’re always deploying the most performant and secure stack. Easily audit source code, code provenance, licenses, test results, and security scans for the open source libraries and binaries in your catalog.