Monday, December 14, 2020

Two new videos about VMware Tanzu Application Catalog now online

You may have caught the news earlier this year about the exciting launch of VMware Tanzu™ Application Catalog™, Bitnami's customizable catalog of enterprise-ready containers and Helm charts (also known by its acronym TAC). Built on over a decade of experience maintaining Bitnami Community Catalog, TAC combines the same self-service experience that developers love with customization and compliance features that make security teams very happy.

Much of Tanzu Application Catalog's value for enterprise customers lies in its flexibility for multiple use cases and its ability to be used with other VMware Tanzu products. To that end, our VMware Technical Product Marketing Manager and all-around Tanzu expert Tony Vetter has produced two great overview videos: in the first one he discusses three ways to deploy software from TAC, and in the other he highlights the benefits of using TAC together with another product called VMware Tanzu™ Build Service™.

Video: Three Methods for Deploying Secure Open Source Applications with VMware Tanzu Application Catalog

In this video, Tony walks through practical examples of how you can use Tanzu Application Catalog to deploy software in three different ways. First, he uses a Helm chart delivered privately in a TAC Helm registry. Second, he shows how you can use a custom YAML template you wrote yourself. Finally, he demonstrates how to use TAC Helm charts through a Kubeapps graphical user interface. Follow along as Tony quickly walks through the ins and outs of each approach.

Video: Improving Container Security with VMware Tanzu Build Service and VMware Tanzu Application Catalog 

In this second video, Tony showcases the security benefits you can realize by combing TAC with Tanzu Build Service (TBS). Both solutions enable you to deliver a continuous stream of images to your continuous delivery system: TAC for your open source micro-services from third parties, and TBS for applications you created yourself. Both solutions working together also deliver an ideal scenario in which you have rich metadata about all the containers that are being used for development and deployment in production environments. Check out the video below for more details.

We hope you find these videos informative! For further reading, be sure to visit the Bitnami Tutorials page where you can find a host of useful walkthroughs on deploying containers and Helm charts from Bitnami Community Catalog and our enterprise Tanzu Application Catalog. For more Tony Vetter awesomeness, check out his pages in the Tanzu blog and Tanzu Developer Center.