Monday, April 12, 2021

Amplifying our Focus on Cloud-Native Applications

Bitnami’s mission is to make popular software available for everyone, everywhere. Bitnami simplifies the management of multi-cloud, cross-platform environments by providing functionally equivalent, platform-optimized application and infrastructure stacks for all software offerings. Since the VMware acquisition, we have had an opportunity to both double-down on the breadth and depth of our current offerings and bring Bitnami to even more clouds.

Last year we released Tanzu Application Catalog, a customizable selection of open source software from the Bitnami Application Catalog that most of you already know and love. 

The Tanzu Application Catalog is continuously maintained and verifiably tested for use in production environments. It gives developers the productivity and agility of pre-packaged apps and components, while enabling operators to meet the stringent security and transparency requirements of enterprise IT. 

The Bitnami Open Source catalog for Containers and Helm Charts is being adopted by a large number of users and we continue to provide an excellent service to bring secure, well-configured and up-to-date container images.

Continuing to focus on increased investment to help the community adopt Cloud Native solutions, the Bitnami team plans on discontinuing the support for the majority of Native Installers for Linux by June 30th, 2021. We will continue releasing some of the most popular ones like WordPress, LAMP, or LAPP.

This change will only affect Linux native installers. Bitnami will continue building and maintaining up-to-date Cloud Images, Virtual Machines, Containers, and Helm Charts. If you are a user of the Linux native installers, we would recommend that you explore and adopt other supported deployment options like:

  • Cloud Images in your preferred cloud platform: VMware Marketplace, AWS, Azure, Google, or IBM.
  • Virtual Machines for your Desktop or servers.
  • Containers for development or Helm Charts for Kubernetes environments.

If you are interested in getting any previous versions of those native installers, please request them in our Community forums We will be happy to assist you there! 

Learn More

For a host of information and tutorials about using Bitnami containers and Helm charts in Kubernetes, visit the Bitnami tutorials page