Monday, January 16, 2023

Bitnami Helm Charts Available as OCI Packages for Early Adopters

We are happy to announce that from this moment, the whole Bitnami Helm Charts catalog is available as OCI packages for Early Adopters! 🎉🎉

You can find them in the bitnamicharts DockerHub organization and deploying any Helm chart should be as simple as running the following command, for instance in the case of the bitnami/postgresql Helm Chart:

helm install my-release oci://

These Helm charts are 100% OCI-compliant, which means subcharts are also fetched from DockerHub in OCI format.

Why for Early Adopters?

As of now, Helm Charts are pushed to the OCI registry as an experimental catalog independent of our 'official' Helm Charts. We would like to get your feedback before proceeding to fully migrate to OCI.

Because of that, the update cadence is different from the one followed to update the index.yaml stored at, being the index.yaml the official and most updated method for distributing Helm Charts.

What's next?

See below what our plan in the short term is in relation to this new way of distributing Helm Charts:

  • The bitnamicharts DockerHub organization will be part of the Docker Verified Publisher Program.

  • The OCI Helm Charts available at the bitnamicharts DockerHub organization will be fully included in our automated release process. From that moment, we will consider Bitnami OCI Helm Charts as the production-grade method for distributing and consuming Helm Charts.

Regarding the long term plan, our roadmap is to use OCI packages as the only source of truth, removing the index.yaml stored at

These changes will be properly announced with specific dates in the future and always giving enough time for our community to migrate. Once the Bitnami OCI Helm Charts catalog is considered production-ready, the Helm Charts in OCI format and the index.yaml will coexist during some months, but the latter will eventually be deprecated.

Useful links

💬 Any feedback is welcomed from those of you using those OCI packages while we work on the pending steps to make the registry production-ready.