Monday, April 17, 2023

Bitnami packaged applications are now available in the new Microsoft Azure Marketplace Kubernetes apps format

Last year Microsoft announced the release of Kubernetes apps in Microsoft Cloud Marketplace, to provide users with a seamless deployment experience by enabling easy one-click deployments to Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) clusters.

Bitnami has been publishing Kubernetes solutions as Helm Charts in Azure Marketplace for years now. Today, we are happy to announce that we are adopting the new Azure Marketplace Kubernetes apps format to provide a click-through deployment experience into Azure Kubernetes Service from Azure Marketplace.

Enhanced user experience with Azure Marketplace and Kubernetes Applications

Azure Marketplace Kubernetes apps are Helm chart-based solution packages which include the cluster and UI definitions along with the Helm chart and the corresponding containers.

Previously, with Helm Charts in Azure Marketplace, users needed to perform the several steps involved in provisioning the cluster and deploying the applications manually, by themselves. Now, with Azure Marketplace Kubernetes apps, you get an out-of-the-box experience. Not only can you configure your cluster details but also all the application parameters are accessible for you to customize your deployment.

Take a look at our documentation to learn how to get your favorite application up and running in Azure Kubernetes Service in three steps:

  • Configure your project (resources, option to launch a new cluster, etc)
  • Configure you cluster (size, autoscaling, number of nodes)
  • Configure and launch your application!

Bitnami Kubernetes Applications in Azure Marketplace

Bitnami has already published a few solutions as Azure Marketplace Kubernetes Applications which can be found here.

As we continue working with the Azure team to migrate more solutions to the new format and enable you to enjoy the recommended and enhanced experience that the new format offers, we will be removing our listings for container images and Helm charts from Azure Marketplace. Please note that this doesn’t prevent you from continuing deploying standalone Bitnami Helm Charts on AKS if that is your preference.

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