Wednesday, November 22, 2023

What’s new with Bitnami Application Catalog

November, 2023 Edition

We have made several new additions to our catalog over the past few months. To keep up with the increasing demand for ML/AI-related applications, we have focused on populating our catalog with more ML/AI-related apps. All newly added Helm charts, containers and virtual machines are listed below.

Helm charts & containers

  •  DeepSpeed (A deep learning software suite for empowering ChatGPT-like model training)  - Container & Helm chart
  •  OpenSearch (A scalable open-source solution for search, analytics, and observability) - Container & Helm chart
  • MLFlow (An open-source platform designed to manage the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle) - Container & Helm chart
  • TensorFlow (An open-source machine learning framework for Python) - Container
  • Pinniped CLI (A command-line utility for interacting with Pinniped. Pinniped is an identity service provider for Kubernetes) - Container
  • Nats CLI (A command-line tool for interacting with NATS clusters. NATS is an open source, lightweight and high-performance messaging system) - Container
  • Notation (A CLI project to add signatures as standard items in the OCI registry ecosystem, and to build a set of simple tooling for signing and verifying these signatures) - Container
  • Kube RBAC Proxy (an HTTP proxy that can perform RBAC authorization against the Kubernetes API based on the SubjectAccessReview authorization resource) - Container

Virtual machines

  • Apache Flink (a framework and distributed processing engine for stateful computations over unbounded and bounded data streams) - Previously available only as Helm chart & container, now available as virtual machine as well.

Bitnami’s Enterprise Edition - VMware Application Catalog is now VMware Tanzu Application Catalog

The enterprise version of Bitnami Application Catalog - VMware Application Catalog has been renamed as VMware Tanzu Application Catalog. The name change's main objective is to strengthen the association and awareness that the product is part of the Tanzu portfolio of application delivery solutions. Please note that this name change will not have any direct impact on the usage, pricing, or functionality of the product; nor will this change have any impact on the virtual machine-related capabilities of the product. The product will continue to have virtual-machine-related capabilities.

Support and Resources

Refer to the Bitnami documentation and our Tutorials site to learn more about Kubernetes and Bitnami Helm charts and containers. 

For solving the problems you may have (including deployment support, operational support, and bug fixes), please open an issue in the Bitnami Helm chart GitHub repository.  Also, if you want to contribute to the catalog, feel free to send us a pull request, and the team will check it and guide you in the process for a successful merge.   

Visit the Bitnami Helm chart repository in GitHub for more information about our charts’ latest releases and improvements or navigate to the Bitnami Application Catalog and VMware Marketplace for deploying the solution of your choice in any Kubernetes platform. 

Bitnami Helm charts are also available for deployment via Kubeapps installation.