Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bitnami Cloud Hosting updated with latest Amazon Linux AMI

At Bitnami, we work hard to keep all of our applications, operating systems and components up-to-date with the most recent, stable versions. Which is why we’re happy to announce that we have released updated base images with Amazon Linux AMI 2014.03 in Bitnami Cloud Hosting.

Amazon Linux is a distribution of Linux optimized for the Amazon Cloud that is binary compatible with RHEL and CentOS. We offer the native Amazon Linux stack for deploying the Bitnami applications. This means that it is installed on top of the MySQL, Apache, and other components that come bundled with the operating system, allowing you to make use of the OS tools to keep your server up to date.

We also offer RHEL and Ubuntu OS options.

Spin up servers with ease 

Bitnami was founded to take the pain out of application and server configuration — whether it’s a native installation, as a virtual machine, or in the cloud. Spinning servers up in the cloud is as easy as a few mouse clicks. You can use Bitnami Cloud Hosting — our cloud management console for AWS — and spin up and unlimited number of cloud servers in minutes. What’s more, you can also select from nearly 100 packaged open source applications to add to your servers.

When you create a cloud new server, you can configure it with the application servers, database servers, frameworks and operating systems of your choice.

Click “Launch” and your server will be configured in minutes. Easy and done. Try Bitnami Cloud Hosting free to see how easy it is.


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