Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Features in BitNami Cloud Hosting

We are excited to share some new features we have rolled out in BitNami Cloud Hosting! If you log in to your BitNami Cloud Hosting account (or sign up for a new one), you will see the following improvements:

  • OpenID: You can now setup and sign in to your BitNami Cloud Hosting account using OpenID. This means that you can log in with your Facebook, Google, Yahoo or GitHub account. One less password to remember!   

    Log into BitNami Cloud Hosting with OpenID.
  • Password Reset: Forgot your password? Well, that's embarrassing! But don't worry - we have implemented new functionality that will allow you to reset your password if you have forgotten it. Just click on the 'forgot password' link on the login screen and follow the steps to recover your password.

  • Free Tier Eligibility: We frequently receive questions regarding what is covered by the Amazon free tier of service. BitNami Cloud Hosting now provides visual feedback as to whether or not the server you are launching may qualify for the Amazon free tier. Please note that we will still provide cost estimates that do not take the Amazon free tier into account, as we are not currently able to pull this information from your Amazon account. 

    BitNami Cloud Hosting now indicates if your server may be
    eligible for the Amazon free tier of service.

  • Random Passwords: If you do not specify a password when you launch a new server, one will be created randomly so that you are never using a default password. To view the generated password, click on the 'manage' button after selecting the appropriate server and then click 'show' next to the password entry, as shown below.   

    A random password will be auto-generated if you
    do not specify one during the server setup process.

  • Email Notifications:  You will now receive a notification email every time that you launch a new server that includes details such as the server specifications and estimated cost, as shown below. At the beginning of each week, you will also receive an email summary that lists the servers that you are currently running.  

New email notifications let you know when your server is ready.
We hope you enjoy these new features in BitNami Cloud Hosting. We have several others in the works, so stay tuned! If there are specific features that you would like to see in BitNami Cloud Hosting, let us know by opening a ticket in through our helpdesk