Friday, November 4, 2011

Create awesome surveys with LimeSurvey

At BitNami we do our best to make it easy for you to discover, install and use the best open source applications. We already package wikis, content management systems, blog software, customer relationship managers and more.

We are happy to announce a new addition to our family, LimeSurvey. This project allows users to quickly create intuitive, powerful question-and-answer surveys that can work for tens to thousands of participants without much effort. The survey software itself is self-guiding for the respondents who are participating.
Creating a Survey

Survey Example

BitNami makes setting up LimeSurvey a simple process, so you can be publishing surveys in no time. As with all BitNami applications, LimeSurvey is available as a native installer, virtual machine image or Amazon cloud template (AMI). In the case of the native installers, you can download the complete software stack or a module installer that will automatically install it on top of an existing BitNami Stack that you already have installed on your system. LimeSurvey will also soon be available in BitNami Cloud Hosting, allowing it to be deployed to the Amazon cloud in one click and automatically backed up and monitored. Combined with the AWS free usage tier, you can have a completely free hosted setup of LimeSurvey.

If you need help in customizing or extending LimeSurvey, there are a number of partners that can help you.