Monday, December 19, 2011

BitNami, bem-vindo ao Brasil!

As part of our commitment to make BitNami more accessible to end-users, we are working on translating our stacks to multiple languages, starting with some of the most popular. To welcome the new Sao Paulo Amazon region released last week, we released a Portugûes (Brasil) version of our WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal AMIs. Together with our pre-existing Spanish language support, it makes BitNami AMIs ideal for deployment in South America. The new language features are also supported on VMWare appliances and native installers. Please see below for some screenshots:

Welcome page for WordPress AMI
BitNami WordPress Stack

You can help us getting these and other stacks translated into your language. We have set up a translation server (running our BitNami Pootle Stack of course) so that BitNami users can help us to make the Stacks available in more languages.

Please check our wiki entry on translations to see how you can collaborate and start translating in